Thursday, October 14, 2010


hey there babezz

still here in the should i say tropical town of veria thinkin about buildin an ark since it hasnt stopped rainin for days. it s almost like london only without the polution and the shops. oh well maybe like london in the middle ages :P

actually kinda tryin to write my research paper but u know. as soon as microsoft word appears on my computer screen i feel like i ve left so many other stuff unfinished. decide what to wear tomorrow at university, do my nails, watch sweet sixteen on mtv etc. anyway  the days come and go and i m still like in page two.

pardon me but this feels more like writtin the apocalypse. i m seriously thinkin about isolatin in  an island, a cave or sth and maybe you could like supply me with  the essentials using pigeons. and yes when i m using the word essentials i sure as hell mean teen vogue and big mac. oh perhaps u could add a cup of latte every once in a while :P - with extra sugar plzz

luv ya huns

 natasha poly by terry richardson

ps. dis goez to that couple in my university beaten to death by the luv bug, spotted every once in a while makin out here and there.not dat i m not the romantic type -hellooho happy endings they never bore me but in this case..guyzz get a room!!
ps.1 credits to koum for the apocalypse thing :P

Sunday, October 10, 2010


hi babezz me again

i know i got so quick at posting u cant even believe it hah
well, i aint lazy sweetiez it s just that my dream life is so very active and i have to be there a lot :P

anyway. now that i managed to delay my master at university half a year due to excessive partying it didnt took me long to realize that it s me and despinaki the only kinda sane girlz - not dat sure about me yet- left in this town aging 22 going on 23 ( sweet lord writin this thing down manages to frustrate me more and more since i always found it more enthousiastic considering maself as an endlessly happy teenager) (being at the same age with mary kate and asley -olsen for christ's shake- keeps me going though :P) Nevermind enough wit dis age talkin

anyway, despinaki is the exact opposite of me. insanely good cookin, absof*ckinlutely perfect house cleanin - i mean everyday- , mirror-level shinny floor and watchin movies with her bf  are some of the things that make her feel complete and happy! boy i m tellin you she aint no party crasher, table dancer, glasses smasher AT ALL.

so one of the past couple of dayz me -aka the devil compared to her- was eatin bichin chillin at her place while she was obsessively cleanin the balcony (add the fact that it s f*ckin freezin around here as a psychotic bonus!!)  when i hear a chit chattin. it was the granny next door who for some reason came to indicate despina how to clean as if she wasnt good enough already (daaaah..) while askin the typical questions like
how old are u, what the f*ck (no that was mine :P) are u studyin and as soon as she got the whole picture, she confessed having a granddaughter in our age who didnt manage though to get accepted in any university, doin nothin for the last five years (in our country feel free to call this pure failure since our gov't erects universities just for fun with the number of them being just huge)

i chose just for this once to keep my mouth shut whereas despinaki kindhearted and polite as she is began in a shy tone makin a speech about how typical education isnt always the thing, with granny payin no attention though continuin her own monologue, which concluded with the fact that one day her son (aka her granddaughter's father) saw despinaki's bf entering the house  and after gettin informed of course about who that might be , his statement was sth like : thank gawd Soula didnt get into university..

there are times like these that i feel so sad for not wearing around my favone marie antoinette wig cuz i want it so bad since we re livin IN 1600'S for the luv of gawd!!

peace bitchezz

 Jackson, Mississippi (William Eggleston)

ps. yesterday for some crazy reason i decided to stay home in order to study, which leaves us with me gettin miserable and wonderin: is there some gene in my body sendin some message to my brain like "aw ma gawd it s saturday gotta go out and party at least until 7 a.m." ?? yeah right i m such a grown up.. but hey thats why u luv me xx

Thursday, October 7, 2010


oh hey bitchezz :P

reportin back from da one and only super duper trashy city of veria once again and while observing dis whole justin bieber or should i call it -im 14 and i m a billionaire- mania growing bigger and bigger all around me wit me participating in it of course(!!)- still  i m just wonderin:

- mother nature?at the age of 22; am i that goddam late for those three most importan things in dis f*ckin life? and dat might be fame- money- glamour..

hasta la vista babezz. xx