Friday, December 25, 2009


Saturday, December 19, 2009


though i should be doin some really boring paper work for an even more boring class i have to attend on monday (gawwwwd) i m rather in the mood for party so i hope everyone has fun tonight <3 <3 damn i m too cute for homework :P
luv ya babezz xx

can i?

if i could have any room in the world ..

..i would probably choose this one
(bling bling :P)

Friday, December 18, 2009

jennifer's Boobs

ouou babezz! me again! wondering why u re not naked :P
as u may have well pictured i m the ultimate summer fan so this time of the year though it may includes my Bday and xmas of course (!!) wouldn't be described as one of my favOnes since u cant go out that much (especially if u happen to live in the truly antartic city of veria like me where below zero temperatures accompanied by endless rain is a really common phenomenon..) Moreover; spending time home watching gracefully from my window the rain "pouring down some misery on me" isnt really my kind of thing. However; i have to admit; that i ve always managed in some way to adjust very quickly and quite successfully in every sort of situation coming up- so yesterday given the opportunity since the streets of my town could be refered to as rivers; i stayed home and decided to download a movie for which i ve heard so much about during the past month; entitled as Jeniffer's Body.

 now, to tell u the truth, what i was hoping for definately wasn't François Truffaut- but the same all time classic teen story where the baseball captain breaks up with the evil (!!) top cheerleader; falls for the super duper undescribingly ugly class geek; true love wins; everyone is happy; u set a tear with them almost breakin up due to their bad luck of course; but in the end u'll find ur self filled with the usual ultra sweet feeling like u had tones of coconut flavoured chocolate; while wondering  why sth like that never happened to you! instead of all this, however, what i actually did get was a stupid wannabe -dont even dare to call Bmovie- about an angry female demon eating boys alive , falling for its Looooser bff (yeah boys.. they kiss) and acting unreasonably jeallous aaaall the time. actual plot; nowhere to be found. megan fox obviously tryin not to prove the movie title wrong; with her having us for no particular reason witnessing plenty of times that she indeed owns the hottest body in the whole universe..yeah. roger that. enjoy adam brondy once more as himself.. and amanda seyfield as the ugly totally naive victim.. i mean not tryin to be cynical or anything but, not only zac  efron didnt make a cameo appearance shirtless at least; but in addition to that all the male characters in the movie die -i guess for their bad acting . gotta tell ya THAT was the worst nightmare before xmas.

peace. xx

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i dont know if u know


this song might bring me down a lil bit every time i hear it but it s like a sweet depression :) dont forget babezz. xmas on the way 
Gnight starshines xx

Sunday, December 13, 2009

hey sunday afternoon

these are my favorite colours. i really really like them. xx

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

crap attack

hello darlings!!

how u doin? u might wanna call me shallow but honestly i just dont care and will go on and post my obsession- song for this week which is ke$ha's new single tick-tock even though it reminds me very much -in a sneaky way- of my beloved uffie :P

Well; i know i ve been absent for a couple of weeks; but this was just because i ve been too busy living my life(!!) and strolling the streets only to get back to ya with the good scoop! While wandering around; i happened to stumble upon an art exhibition here; in the exotic city of veria! Now I wont reveal the name of the master creator of this blissfull event; though i know i m gonna leave you half empty :P however; i promise not to withhold even the slightest detail. My first impression was that there he was..the biggest failed fan of Bob Ross! I mean obviously the artist spent his entire life watching "quality" television and tryin -in vain as i found out- to actually paint those mountains; trees and lil bushes of course; by the river; with the maximum time spent for every creation probably ranging from 5 to 7 mins. Oh! and did i mention that his name was the first and maybe the only thing you could notice on these canvases? It kind of reminded me my drawings when i was like first grade (!!) and not in a good way. Still; there were plenty of victims facing midlife crisis (a.k.a. clients) who "came to buy some art" in order to have a tree in a frame making their living room looking more classy; which makes me wonder: should i paint some crap myself too; then sell it and finally buy the new masterpiece by fendi (yes i m refering to "peek a boo" which is definately a piece of art)? until then..have fun babezz xx

the greatest hit according to the artist

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i wear my sunglasses at night

There was once a boy who used to tell me never to wear sunglasses; and i actually did follow his -should i say- quite weird advice for a while.However, one day he disappeared.But then again; those babies came my way and it was only a matter of seconds till i felt complete again..

Monday, October 26, 2009

finally got ILL

hey again babezz!!
it s lil ufo of course :P finally back from the ultimatelly exotic city of V(k)olos [this one was for u teo]; and from another super unique Time To Get Ill ( colourfull ultra fabulous Partaaayy!!
For the ones who missed it; ur beloved cute lil babe couldn't leave you like this; so here's a lil sth to get the feeling; although i wouldn't like you to become slightly green with envy- (no matter how much in fashion this is; according to Michael Kors of course) :P So c u at the next party!until then..think pink darlings ouou!! xx

ps. more pics are yet to come so stay tuned :P
ps1. if u waNNA catch some sort of illness :P Time To Get Ill : ,

Friday, October 16, 2009

here comes THE party darlings

hey babezz

as i may have informed you i m a huuuuge party crasher; so for next friday cancel all your jobs- duties; all your tiny winny lil somethins; anything unpleasant(a.k.a. unnecessary) that you feel obliged to do; cause the one and only; the Famous (well almost gettin there :P) "Time to Get ill" party team is back with one more superlicious extravaganza hyper spectacular occasion; or should i say the-best-thing-since-sliced-bread-ultra-Partaaaay!! Babezz; introducing THE PARTYLAND..

c ya all there sweethearts xx

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i dont know about you; but when it comes to me sleeping - 0k i usually sleep anywhere- but no matter where i am trying to catch a nap you ll never find me without an ipod or listening to music tonight's song is this

sweet dreams babezz <33

Sunday, October 4, 2009

GI Yoooo

Hey there Babezz!!Me again!!
went to the movies yesterday with ma friends Toolie and Joe.. Now if the movies you prefer watchin tend to have a certain style; like -usa loves us/ has the best army blah blah.. bad guys sufferin; while your eyes and brain Bleeding from the dont-even-dare-to-number special effects; shiny chests and boobs flyin all ovah the screen; submarines-spaceships-airplanes all in one crashing everywhere and in the end the good guy always gets the girl etc (pardon me for being overdramatic i just cant help it :P); then GI Joe is the movie you definately need to watch!!If u havent already:P Well; at this point i should probably mention that Joseph Gordon Levitt is quite a pleasant suprise as Doctor Cobra; but Sienna Miller really needed a nicer pair of sunglasses..I mean the person who designed them; totally took the whole matrix 90's style to the next level in an obviously wrong way..On the other side; maybe it was just the costumier that hated her! Anywayz, speakin of science fiction movies there's still a lil sth i 'ld like to add. And that sth is soooo dedicated to my dearest friend Cyr! Mad Max rulez!! take care darlings xx

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hey there!!

hi babezz :)
this is my first time blogging so for now i don't think that i have much to say; except of course from the fact; that i'm a sucker for parties :P c ya laterz aligatorz xx