Sunday, October 9, 2011



wow that was a busy summer but no worries hunz i ll let u catch up. while i was trying to finish writtin my endless thesis, i kept sneakin on La girlz tumblrz aging from 14 to 17 cravin for some pink, partyin, glamour, surf, blonde etc and thinkin that considering the fact that i m turning 24 this December, this cant be good AT ALL. still i like it reaaaaaaally much, so whatev is that childish- glamourish- almostporno- facebookish thing u girlz are doin, just keep on doin it. it s even better than jersey shore series.SERIOUSLY.
moreover i attended a graduation party and not a barchelor one been held at the most decadence strip club of veria with stripperz owning impressive fake names and boobs of course. anyway , i also went to this three day punk - antiracist fest which was obviously a theme party, since everyone was dressed and acted as if we were in 2002. the music sucked big time (no words can describe greek punk). but just so u know it was sth like system of a down meets lady gaga. I KNOW.
and now the big news. me and writting about reusing industrial heritage are finally over (yaayy). so while waiting patiently for my graduation day i m startin to witness real life takin over and i dont think i like it dat much. you see i m no longer a student in urban planning, therefore bubye endlessly funny friends, supertrashy bars and surreal ppl in Veria, hello big city life or should i say The Hills in the third world (aka Athens). however, i am no drama luver  -mtv reality shows dont count- so it wont be long till i provide you with my new trashy as always experiences :P. kissez babezz

ghost world

ps. credits to apo for the song :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


hey there hunz

long time no see. well this thesis is takin me longer than i ever expected actually; if it was a book it would probably be 500pagish that u dont remember a single thing after reading it. well, in order to write all these stuff i had to read other books u know; and by that i dont mean lord of the rings u suckerz although now that i think about it i could picture one of my professors as nazgul; naahh she's a lot uglier. oh i read scientific papers too - here they like to call them magazines for some inexplicable reason- like vogue but for scientists. who reads this crap anyway? i mean i read somewhere that a thesis is the most useless thing u ll ever get to do in university since no matter how awesome is gonna be noone except a few bunch of academics is allowed to read it. x files' agents molder and scaly? guess what. not allowed either.
moreover i read all this scientific bullshit which makes me feel reaaaally cooler (yeah) but still i prefer reading teen vogue and finding out who's dating selena gomez lately. anyway, when i m done with this HUGE paper of mine i might share it with u sweetiez if i like its looks CHROMATICALLY. feelin blessed? then i sure as hell owe maself a proper vacation to bora bora or a theme party at least. well a balenciaga tote bag is fine as well of course.
by the way many were the times that i brainstormed about some random  post if u know what i mean but twitter won the fight bitchez. one simple sentence beats easily a whole paragraph that i have to check again and again. sorry. jamata ne babezz xx

p.s. what s the thing with all the celebs lately having their kids jumping into bussiness at the age of 9?
p.s.1 i know it s a bit dark for this blog but tron legacy is my new obsession so enjoy daft punk ost  

Saturday, April 2, 2011


hey there babezz

since i get to party nowhere outside my absolutely gorgeous house (fyi i m trying to get my degree as i mentioned before!!) there you go

so party till u puke and dont forget to send me some cool pics. i wont be jealous i promise.NOT



check out dis super cool artist bitchez :) xx

Sunday, March 20, 2011


ye ye i know i have been quite absent for the last couple of months havent i..well dont be so judgemental bitches i m tryin to get my degree over here.
so while being in this state where i only eat junk, i dont have a nightlife ffs, i sleep 2 to 3 hours max per day i answer my IMs 15 hours later  and i only study, what do i do in my tiny spare time? i get to watch as much tv as i want. hurrayy lucky mee!!NOT. i mean the word decadence isnt enough to give u even the slightest idea. anyway trash was never the prob to me -as u may have well imagined-  but i have to admit that  i obviously watched pretty much everything these last months and mostly these style-reality- whatevah shows.
so yesterday in a particular fashion reality i noticed this woman who had quite straightened up in her head what she wanted to express with her -described as childish- clothes. well she didnt look like the rest  9348938529834683745 women in the planet but obviously she was different in a kinda statement way. however according to her 15 year old daughter her looks were embarassing. well i have to say this. helloooooohoo it s the 21st century (i think) we dont have to dress every fuckin human being in the same boring way in this planet. i mean the host asked her why she didnt dress like a typical sophisticated (what??) woman and she honestly answered that it seemed dull to her!!umm i dont know about u but hey that just sounded like a huge and unbearable -maybe for some- truth to me however the host called her crazy.yeah i know.such a mature reaction. must every person who has a different and in this occasion sane opinion be called crazy? and in conclusion what does a 15 year old girl or a host of a show - ex-fail-actor- know about fashion after all? maybe this woman  needed a family councelor but not a stylist FOR SURE. bubyee :P xx

javier pinion

ps. i managed to go out last friday night.yaayy. glad to hear the same old remixes of karagkouna ft guitar hero havent changed at all! aww greek nightlife..even in small dosis never stops cheering me up :)

(dancing on my own)

Friday, March 4, 2011


hey bitchez

after five days in a row of endless fever and sniffle i created a new blog.

this doesnt mean that i m abandoning ououbabe darlings but blame it on my excessive fafafafashion reading. sorry guyz but for those who dont like my new creation (dah..) umm i dont care  AT ALL :P c ya soon xx

Saturday, January 1, 2011