Sunday, June 5, 2011


hey there hunz

long time no see. well this thesis is takin me longer than i ever expected actually; if it was a book it would probably be 500pagish that u dont remember a single thing after reading it. well, in order to write all these stuff i had to read other books u know; and by that i dont mean lord of the rings u suckerz although now that i think about it i could picture one of my professors as nazgul; naahh she's a lot uglier. oh i read scientific papers too - here they like to call them magazines for some inexplicable reason- like vogue but for scientists. who reads this crap anyway? i mean i read somewhere that a thesis is the most useless thing u ll ever get to do in university since no matter how awesome is gonna be noone except a few bunch of academics is allowed to read it. x files' agents molder and scaly? guess what. not allowed either.
moreover i read all this scientific bullshit which makes me feel reaaaally cooler (yeah) but still i prefer reading teen vogue and finding out who's dating selena gomez lately. anyway, when i m done with this HUGE paper of mine i might share it with u sweetiez if i like its looks CHROMATICALLY. feelin blessed? then i sure as hell owe maself a proper vacation to bora bora or a theme party at least. well a balenciaga tote bag is fine as well of course.
by the way many were the times that i brainstormed about some random  post if u know what i mean but twitter won the fight bitchez. one simple sentence beats easily a whole paragraph that i have to check again and again. sorry. jamata ne babezz xx

p.s. what s the thing with all the celebs lately having their kids jumping into bussiness at the age of 9?
p.s.1 i know it s a bit dark for this blog but tron legacy is my new obsession so enjoy daft punk ost  

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