Friday, February 26, 2010


well hello there babezz! today is ma favorite day Friday :) so i m wishin to ya all to have a great night no matter how u ll choose to spend it and i m postin my beloved one's new song; strangely different from the others still i reaaaaally really like it   Uffie- Illusion of Love(feat Mat Saffer -the rapture's keyboardist)
enjoy xx

p.s. ohoh!! i forgot to tell dat the song is produced by Mirwais :) c ya

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


dear babezz hi:)
last weekend i wanted to have a lil blast and since i cant go to ed banger's 7th anniversary event (arghh) i decided to leave my beloved veria and go party in an equally exotic town half an hour away. while strivin for some table dancin, smashin glasses etc i came to discover that on the decks was one of those -iliketocall- deja vu dj's playin every night in a different bar, in which you unfortunatelly happen to hang out, however, not bothering at all to make even the slightest change in his playlist, making u feelin like u ve been re-living the same night over and over again, no matter where u chose to spend it. wow, i guess i have to pay for him being extremely talkative, socialized and with the right friends in the right places.. however, no matter how weird this may sound i realised over the years that this may be, if not the only, definately one of the most importantly stupid reasons i ve been going out in the first place.. it s the awful dj playin nevermind music promising he ll totally like play the song u asked but never does,it s the disturbingly disturbed guy in white shirt and tank top underneath with zipper in the back(for the luv of god!!) askin ur political views in 3am while exhaling pure alcohol in ur face, the Huge girls in the small black dresses dancin like hell -literally-, the -somebody has definately put something- drinks, the super rude waitress who after takin ur order in a great rush like the whole universe is gonna explode in 5 secs ,lights up a cigarette and sips  her drink extremely slowly(!!) ,the cherry top super sweaty and stinky boy dancin next to u like there's gonna be no tomorrow (obviously i have some issues when it comes to nightlife:P) etc..they re the ones that make my night unique. they re next morning's funny stories blah blah Yeah okay i suppose everyone likes to go out and see only beautiful and fashionable people or dance to the perfect music but then again, a lil trash is always alright with me :P.. xx
[busy p]

p.s.1. i can see beauty where others see ugliness. that either makes me an artist, or a person of a very poor taste. unknown

p.s.2 a big thanx to pispirel for supportin this huge dancin-on-ma-own event!!oh and Happy Bday babe of course!!yeah

Saturday, February 20, 2010


"i like people better than principles, and i like people with no principles better than anythin else in the world" (Oscar Wilde)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i m in luv!yes thats right i admit it babezz i m in endless insane extra super passionate luv with ma mom's brownies( and despina's mom's brownies too but thats completely irrelevant!)well they say love goes through the stomach :P so today since the day has it (helloooo valentine's) my mom thought that me and brownies should celebrate our thing!however,i guess life wanted us ironically to grow apart cuz even though mother send a package full of brownies with the bus; when i went to the station to pick em up the bus driver not with the slightest sign of guilt in his tone simply informed me there were no packages for me at all- na na na killin me softly with his words(gettin da picture?)!!at first u know i was kinda mad; didnt know what to do..really heartbroken but then it crossed ma cute lil mind that com' on it s valentines; luv is in the air n stuff and maybe even though the kind lady at the station's storehouse was ready to give my brownies to the bus driver ;  it slipped off her mind completely as she kept flerting with the ticket guy..kindhearted as i am i hope their luv went further than the bus station since it "walked all over" mine!u know.. happy endings they still dont bore me :) and 0kay i cried today (yeah right) not cuz i missed brownies or even wanted em(who wants those extra 99999999999999 calories for gawds shake?) but cuz i realized i m gonna be all right without em at least this once!i mean wtf? it s pancake's day in 2 days!hope that u choose fedex over public transport mom xx

Saturday, February 13, 2010


hi my beloved ones:)
after surviving yesterday's endless partyin and while  tryin to get ready for tonight's to-be-continued  i ve got to tell ya babezz that i ve had enough with all this nonsense about hatin halloween based on shallow excuses such as "people in disguise give me creeps"  or "i get panic attacks with all these strangers behind masks" blah blah that could be "scream's" protagonist's lines..
to my claimed- to- be- utterly- pink mind it s just the latest trend named by me as holiday- haters  (xmas and Bday haters belong there too)!!besides i think that it s really nice that the world for a few days looks a lil bit more crazy than usual:) well at least thats the opinion of a full time so have fun mo matter what darlins
jelly bean flavored kissezz to ya all xx
(terence koh)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


hey everyone:)
yesterday; a friend of mine who might be serving the country as a soldier but never gives up on the social life even though he denies this happenin :P; sent me this video of lady gaga performing at the MOCA(museum of contemporary art in L.A.)for its 30th anniversary gala a song of hers called speechless. honestly that video left ME speechless cause ok i might be a huge trash luver -i adore britney for christs shake- and normally i should be proud that mainstream pop or whatever this is came to be thought as sth that avant garde but then again i kinda wondered is lady gaga  contemporary art?i mean 0k i definately consider her costumes designed by zaldi goco and olivier theyskens(or in this case by muccia prada) as pure art  plus the piano designed by damien hirst roger that(though in my itsy bitchy teeny weeny opinion he could have done a lil better); but her music?hmm.. are we witnessing a new michael jackson phenomenon meaning that in twenty years from now we ll like be dealin with this controversial lonely death of hers in a golden castle weirdly named as sex haus or sth with her enormous wealth to be left to her four snakes from.. russia?(well she really wanted to make an impression)
it 's such a pitty though now that i think about it that i quitted ma ten year piano lessons and ballet as well :P or its just me :) hahh
luv ya babezz xx

Sunday, February 7, 2010


konnichiwa babezz

sunday always gives me the vibes of misery as it somehow means endless homework which i had carefully been putting off all week while following quite faithfully the old saying why do today what you can do tomorrow?! so here i am denying many coffee invitations(0kay maybe not that many :P)however, still not feeling like writing this boring essay about eu and some urban planning stuff. it s a bit weird cause even though i hate coffee as a drink and a chat activity as well; due to the fact that i find totally pointless going somewhere else in order to sit down and hear endless crap or doing the usual girl talk; when u can stay and do the exactly same thing definately more comfortably at ur place; still when sunday comes i m willing to do anything so that i dont have to stay home alone with my homework :P it's always the day that i feel constantly hungry; takin me longer than usual to decide what to wear;miss my mom; miraculously feelin obliged  to clean the house; do the laundry etc Hmm well i guess thats life.. pff but then again who cares; u know what they say think PINK
have fun babezz xx
(sean higgins)

Monday, February 1, 2010


hey there ma beloved ones halloween is just a prayer away so i m postin some ideas for da perfect costumes:)

happy halloween babezz xx