Saturday, February 13, 2010


hi my beloved ones:)
after surviving yesterday's endless partyin and while  tryin to get ready for tonight's to-be-continued  i ve got to tell ya babezz that i ve had enough with all this nonsense about hatin halloween based on shallow excuses such as "people in disguise give me creeps"  or "i get panic attacks with all these strangers behind masks" blah blah that could be "scream's" protagonist's lines..
to my claimed- to- be- utterly- pink mind it s just the latest trend named by me as holiday- haters  (xmas and Bday haters belong there too)!!besides i think that it s really nice that the world for a few days looks a lil bit more crazy than usual:) well at least thats the opinion of a full time so have fun mo matter what darlins
jelly bean flavored kissezz to ya all xx
(terence koh)

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