Sunday, February 7, 2010


konnichiwa babezz

sunday always gives me the vibes of misery as it somehow means endless homework which i had carefully been putting off all week while following quite faithfully the old saying why do today what you can do tomorrow?! so here i am denying many coffee invitations(0kay maybe not that many :P)however, still not feeling like writing this boring essay about eu and some urban planning stuff. it s a bit weird cause even though i hate coffee as a drink and a chat activity as well; due to the fact that i find totally pointless going somewhere else in order to sit down and hear endless crap or doing the usual girl talk; when u can stay and do the exactly same thing definately more comfortably at ur place; still when sunday comes i m willing to do anything so that i dont have to stay home alone with my homework :P it's always the day that i feel constantly hungry; takin me longer than usual to decide what to wear;miss my mom; miraculously feelin obliged  to clean the house; do the laundry etc Hmm well i guess thats life.. pff but then again who cares; u know what they say think PINK
have fun babezz xx
(sean higgins)

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