Sunday, February 14, 2010


i m in luv!yes thats right i admit it babezz i m in endless insane extra super passionate luv with ma mom's brownies( and despina's mom's brownies too but thats completely irrelevant!)well they say love goes through the stomach :P so today since the day has it (helloooo valentine's) my mom thought that me and brownies should celebrate our thing!however,i guess life wanted us ironically to grow apart cuz even though mother send a package full of brownies with the bus; when i went to the station to pick em up the bus driver not with the slightest sign of guilt in his tone simply informed me there were no packages for me at all- na na na killin me softly with his words(gettin da picture?)!!at first u know i was kinda mad; didnt know what to do..really heartbroken but then it crossed ma cute lil mind that com' on it s valentines; luv is in the air n stuff and maybe even though the kind lady at the station's storehouse was ready to give my brownies to the bus driver ;  it slipped off her mind completely as she kept flerting with the ticket guy..kindhearted as i am i hope their luv went further than the bus station since it "walked all over" mine!u know.. happy endings they still dont bore me :) and 0kay i cried today (yeah right) not cuz i missed brownies or even wanted em(who wants those extra 99999999999999 calories for gawds shake?) but cuz i realized i m gonna be all right without em at least this once!i mean wtf? it s pancake's day in 2 days!hope that u choose fedex over public transport mom xx

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  1. according to this story and if the babe is to be trusted, love does not only pass through the stomach, but actually stays there. hence love is edible. babe, you are a genius.