Thursday, February 11, 2010


hey everyone:)
yesterday; a friend of mine who might be serving the country as a soldier but never gives up on the social life even though he denies this happenin :P; sent me this video of lady gaga performing at the MOCA(museum of contemporary art in L.A.)for its 30th anniversary gala a song of hers called speechless. honestly that video left ME speechless cause ok i might be a huge trash luver -i adore britney for christs shake- and normally i should be proud that mainstream pop or whatever this is came to be thought as sth that avant garde but then again i kinda wondered is lady gaga  contemporary art?i mean 0k i definately consider her costumes designed by zaldi goco and olivier theyskens(or in this case by muccia prada) as pure art  plus the piano designed by damien hirst roger that(though in my itsy bitchy teeny weeny opinion he could have done a lil better); but her music?hmm.. are we witnessing a new michael jackson phenomenon meaning that in twenty years from now we ll like be dealin with this controversial lonely death of hers in a golden castle weirdly named as sex haus or sth with her enormous wealth to be left to her four snakes from.. russia?(well she really wanted to make an impression)
it 's such a pitty though now that i think about it that i quitted ma ten year piano lessons and ballet as well :P or its just me :) hahh
luv ya babezz xx

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