Friday, December 3, 2010


for the ones who missed it

(pics from coo bar- dadatek party)
thats okay huns shit happens :P xx

ps. u can catch up tomorrow night just check out here

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME yaayy!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


 oh hi babezz

lately, everytime that somebody invites me to a party most of the times it goes like soon as i enter the place there's crappy -for sure not uplifting- music -at all- with dj playin like the same song till u like it, people all around you trapped in a dancing move in endless repeat, which leaves us with me thinkin that either one of us - me or them- has got the wrong picture for the word party (still havent figured out the truth since i m one and they re like always more)!
so this saturday at coo(L) bar there's gonna be a real party with real songs, table dancin smashin glasses and everything so BRING IT ON BITCHES :P



ps. wear ur weirdest ;)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


hey there babezz

still here in the should i say tropical town of veria thinkin about buildin an ark since it hasnt stopped rainin for days. it s almost like london only without the polution and the shops. oh well maybe like london in the middle ages :P

actually kinda tryin to write my research paper but u know. as soon as microsoft word appears on my computer screen i feel like i ve left so many other stuff unfinished. decide what to wear tomorrow at university, do my nails, watch sweet sixteen on mtv etc. anyway  the days come and go and i m still like in page two.

pardon me but this feels more like writtin the apocalypse. i m seriously thinkin about isolatin in  an island, a cave or sth and maybe you could like supply me with  the essentials using pigeons. and yes when i m using the word essentials i sure as hell mean teen vogue and big mac. oh perhaps u could add a cup of latte every once in a while :P - with extra sugar plzz

luv ya huns

 natasha poly by terry richardson

ps. dis goez to that couple in my university beaten to death by the luv bug, spotted every once in a while makin out here and there.not dat i m not the romantic type -hellooho happy endings they never bore me but in this case..guyzz get a room!!
ps.1 credits to koum for the apocalypse thing :P

Sunday, October 10, 2010


hi babezz me again

i know i got so quick at posting u cant even believe it hah
well, i aint lazy sweetiez it s just that my dream life is so very active and i have to be there a lot :P

anyway. now that i managed to delay my master at university half a year due to excessive partying it didnt took me long to realize that it s me and despinaki the only kinda sane girlz - not dat sure about me yet- left in this town aging 22 going on 23 ( sweet lord writin this thing down manages to frustrate me more and more since i always found it more enthousiastic considering maself as an endlessly happy teenager) (being at the same age with mary kate and asley -olsen for christ's shake- keeps me going though :P) Nevermind enough wit dis age talkin

anyway, despinaki is the exact opposite of me. insanely good cookin, absof*ckinlutely perfect house cleanin - i mean everyday- , mirror-level shinny floor and watchin movies with her bf  are some of the things that make her feel complete and happy! boy i m tellin you she aint no party crasher, table dancer, glasses smasher AT ALL.

so one of the past couple of dayz me -aka the devil compared to her- was eatin bichin chillin at her place while she was obsessively cleanin the balcony (add the fact that it s f*ckin freezin around here as a psychotic bonus!!)  when i hear a chit chattin. it was the granny next door who for some reason came to indicate despina how to clean as if she wasnt good enough already (daaaah..) while askin the typical questions like
how old are u, what the f*ck (no that was mine :P) are u studyin and as soon as she got the whole picture, she confessed having a granddaughter in our age who didnt manage though to get accepted in any university, doin nothin for the last five years (in our country feel free to call this pure failure since our gov't erects universities just for fun with the number of them being just huge)

i chose just for this once to keep my mouth shut whereas despinaki kindhearted and polite as she is began in a shy tone makin a speech about how typical education isnt always the thing, with granny payin no attention though continuin her own monologue, which concluded with the fact that one day her son (aka her granddaughter's father) saw despinaki's bf entering the house  and after gettin informed of course about who that might be , his statement was sth like : thank gawd Soula didnt get into university..

there are times like these that i feel so sad for not wearing around my favone marie antoinette wig cuz i want it so bad since we re livin IN 1600'S for the luv of gawd!!

peace bitchezz

 Jackson, Mississippi (William Eggleston)

ps. yesterday for some crazy reason i decided to stay home in order to study, which leaves us with me gettin miserable and wonderin: is there some gene in my body sendin some message to my brain like "aw ma gawd it s saturday gotta go out and party at least until 7 a.m." ?? yeah right i m such a grown up.. but hey thats why u luv me xx

Thursday, October 7, 2010


oh hey bitchezz :P

reportin back from da one and only super duper trashy city of veria once again and while observing dis whole justin bieber or should i call it -im 14 and i m a billionaire- mania growing bigger and bigger all around me wit me participating in it of course(!!)- still  i m just wonderin:

- mother nature?at the age of 22; am i that goddam late for those three most importan things in dis f*ckin life? and dat might be fame- money- glamour..

hasta la vista babezz. xx

Saturday, July 10, 2010


hey there sunshines

it s good to be finally back after my never ending - super boring exams and my tiny lil vacation :P. now about that vacation.. my university owns a camp, for which i used to hear a lot all these five years i ve been studying here. however, as u may have well imagined i m not dat much of a nature luver nor a camp addict
(supportin da livin large and diamonds are forevah lifestyle :P), so i discreetly avoided it.
this summer though, after ending my exams when it came to holidays,  i felt like i seriously needed to team up with my classmates since it was our last year togethah . hell yeah, i overcame that i d have to sleep on the ground and absolutely followed katy perry's fashion advice for dis summer -daisy dukes bikinis on top though my friends being kind enough to buy me a camp mattress, one bottle of champagne and let me bring two quite heavy suitcases wit me was as an act quite helpful as well :P. now i could write about how many beaches i went or how cool it was but it would just be too bobobooooring.
yes i had camped before if thats what u re thinking bitches :P but that was like in first grade of highschool in a phase of my life that i didnt care that much about anything as long as i got to swim and hang out with my bffs aaaaaall day long! well i guess now things changed a bit; for good or for bad i couldnt possibly tell ya, but suddenly stuff that didnt matter before just started to do so. to put you in da picture i didnt manage to ignore the incredibly dissonantly singing group in the tent next to mine who didnt mind showing off their talent with every oportunity given, nor the guy who thought that the most essential object to bring with him would be of course a tambourine and some cds with tsiftetelia (aka greek trash dancing music- i gotta confess though with really funny dancing moves)  in order to practice endlessly with audience , or even the music  from the beach bar which 0k i like going to clubs and dance till dawn to trashy sounds, but i hadnt planned sleeping in there and honestly i ve tried it once and it didnt work that well.
moreover after three or four days even overcrowded didnt seem to be the right word to describe how many tents were set up. what it reminded me a lot of,  was camps after erthquakes i had seen on tv , only with a bit more alcohol and drugs for sure. at times everything seemed rediculously funny, espessially at midday when u went to the dining room and everyone was wasted and unable to communicate.
few days later -cant even remember if it was day or night actually- while sipping some cocktails at the beach bar, listening for like 300th time lady gaga's alejandro and observing drunk as i was the i-came-here-cuz-im-cool-and-i-camp-no-matter-wha  crowd all around me,  trying to find where did i actually fit, it totally hit me. i was a huge random as well and i couldnt really fit there anymore (hmm i was reading "the unbearable lightness of being" at that time- should i blame kundera?). those -u know babezz- were too dark thoughts for me :) so next day i packed. and i bought a teen vogue. of course the fact that we didnt have water for two days -in a row- might have slightly led me to this wise decision as well. therefore, if u re searchin for a camp partner.. "no no no it aint me babe no no no.."

terry richardson for pirelli calendar 2010

ps. now that i think about it lindsay lohan would be really grateful to me if i send her there instead of prison!! go go go lindsay!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


uffie's new video enjoy babezz :))

ps. i just had to say dat i luved pharrell's outfit :P
ps1. i guess in her album she tries mainly to sing and not rap - havent decided yet if i like it or not

Saturday, June 5, 2010


hi sweetiezz

i m not gonna waste ur time with apologies about my random posting since summer is here (well not today- it s raining :P) and i prefer cocktails and long walks over writing; but i bet u do the same :)

nevermind, yesterday after many weeks delaying it, i decided to go and pay the electricity..somehow i ve noticed that every time i make up my mind about paying a public service i keep having the same track of thoughts i.e. why do i have to give those money in order to pay for tv, light,water blah blah when they should be for free so that i could buy this bag i like so much at least for this week :P however yesterday gawd payed me off.yeah. while walking towards my living nightmare my eyes fell on sth that for a strange reason i had never spotted before! next to my destination there is  bar or sth like dat i have never entered no matter how much i want to, due to the fact that many are the stories "surrounding" the place all of them crazy enough to convince me to go in but somehow that might be me and only me! noone else -ever- from my group of friends showed even the slightest enthousiasm towards this should i say quite playfull idea of mine :P
to put ya in the mood  it s supposed to be an illegal casino and every night lots of cars are parked outside but i ve never seen anyone entering or exiting the place!! not one f*ckin single time! the best rumor that i heard lately was that when cops decide to go and check the place (as if they dont know..) security cameras spot them and the tables immediately change the whole scenery from playing cards to monopoly games!!hahh pardon me but everytime i set the pic in my head i find it extremely funny :P
anyway the place is called Hours so as i m walking by; for the first time after five years of endless hanging out in this super weird town  i take a good look at its sign.. which of course  might featured the word hours in huge pink shiny letters but after gettin a lil closer i finally got to see the backround which was salvador dali's painting "persistence of memory" of course.. besides, an illegal casino which when in danger turns its green tables into monopoly tournouas what else would it had for a sign apart from dali's surrealistic masterpiece? oh boy dis world never ceases suprising me!! kissez sugarz xx

ps. next time im soooo going in no matter what hun :P

ps1. yacht- psychic city


Thursday, May 20, 2010


hey there

a couple of weeks ago i attended one of those house parties with several djs or how i like to call em a super huge conspiracy since everyone claims it s gonna be awesome but in the end u feel like hearing the same song over and over again starting to wonder why do we need two people pushing some buttons only for us to hear one sound on repeat? then of course u take a look at the crowd watching everyone having the time of his life and u persuade urself that u re the only one whose funfunfun rate is falling downdowndown..

as my friend cyr keeps telling me, at those house- techno parties it seems as people are trying really hard to return to their former species moving- dancing like homo neadertals or sth. but we had a winner of course. the guy behind me  was definately quite ambitious and too damn self assured about his dancing skills so suddenly while i was sipping slowly my cocktail i felt a severe nudge in my back.. totally pissed off as i was (i had spotted him a few hours ago(!!) since he was dancing almost all over me all night long makin his presence more than obvious) i turn my head and watch him giving me a tryina-be-sexy-but-definately-wasted-look while dancing using only his hands but like soooo not in a funny way.. hahh 0k maybe it was a bit funny but not on purpose believe me.

i stand still looking at him trying to imagine what he would possibly think was going to happen..that i would  fall for him? decide that he is the sexiest dancing partner i could ever ask for? i mean ok i surely adore jim carrey dancing in ace ventura but dis has totally just taken the wrong turn. hmm well  i guess no more house parties for me. i know it may sound a lil bitchy but thats my opinion at least till i have too many cocktails :P at the same time it occured to me that i could change the name of this kind of music from house to "not in my house" (dont get offended hunniez :P)
cheerz babezz xx
mark the cobrasnake and heartsrevolution

ps. lately i had to deal with many break ups and meltdowns so i have to say dis: just listen to dis song babezz i swear to gawd  it absof*ckinlutely helps - tararirararouraaaa :P (ouou pispirel)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


hey there :)
yesterday due to crappy circumstances i was forced to waste most of ma time watchin tv after a long long time. now when i say i was forced i m not like these types of tiresome-wannabe-intellectual people that you hear em a lot lately bragging "i dont watch tv i hate it" blah blah while lookin at u like u have some sort of disease. i luv tv i could waste my whole life in front of this stupid box (usually my beloved friend aggelina joins me) watching from documentaries, late night shows to cartoons or the biggest slut's interview focusing mainly on her dogs :P. sure there are many shows or series that i dont like but it s not like the reason why me n box grew apart. i guess so many chores so lil time would be the answer. however, yesterday fate brought us togethah again , and after at least twenty minutes of channel zapping i had only one single question to ask. what on earth is going on with all these cooking shows?i mean wtf?was there a survey that showed  most viewers want to cook all day and when they dont  they want to see retards doin so while fighting or flertin? i get the whole thing of watchin trash shows even if i cant watch realities (mtv's date my mom and paris hilton's bff not included :P) but what kind of obsession is dat?

i guess we should blame greek tv's martha stewart aka vefa who started cookin at morning shows for ten minutes . that seemed to me quite logical since there are so many housewives sittin at home watchin quality television while wondering what to cook for their beloved family. then, ten mins became twenty and suddenly there u go she got her own show . and then just like that a "flood" of cookin shows just began. cookin shows in the mornin zone  for the desperate housewives, in the midday  for the workin mothers who just got home, in the afternoon zone for the ones who got home even later, reality cookin  shows even cookin games!! 0k i get it, i think i mentioned in previous post that i strongly believe it s the latest fashion with all this cookin healthy and weirdly but w8 a sec dude I DONT COOK!i dont even like cooking.i get bored to death watching it takin place!i certainly like eating though (and even for this i m not that sure yet) so all these shows .. so much cookin and no eatin AT ALL! am i the only human being who thinks that way? i dont think so! i might not watch that much tv anymore but the one time that i would feel like doin so i would appreciate it if there is one single interesting show or series or anythin besides cookin stuff for me to watch. am i askin that much?

peace babezz xx

p.s. despoinaki dont get offended i still like anything that u cook :P
p.s.1 mom dont read dis i know i m a girl, in a year or two i ll get married and i shall cook for my husband..yeah right

Monday, April 26, 2010


hello hunny bunniez :P

for some reason i woke up and found myself quite convinced it s friday so happy friday everyone! well now that i think about it it s 10 am and i am awake at my own will  though the class i have to attend starts at 2 pm so i guess my mood is too good to be true . nevermind dis song iz for u :) the twelves' latest remix - two door cinema club something good can work
c ya laterz aligatorz xx

Thursday, April 22, 2010


well hello there ma lil luvz

i may have not been around for almost a month but dis doesnt mean that i didnt miss u :) hmm it s just that  i m acting so me-in-highschool lately which led me to this point. though there was a super nicely programmed schedule made by me for me again studying this easter vacation for university (lovely..) i guess it just didnt work out that well. the minute that i set foot in my hometown i was back in 2005 all over again! besides there are all these easter ghosts that get me confused every single time! now the easter ghosts are the same as the xmas ghosts. u get to see them only on national holidays in crowded bars at the town u grew up, and they tend to ask u the same questions like "when did u came, when are u leaving, oh u havent changed at all have u?" blah blah not necessarily waiting for an answer.. u used to be classmates never close friends so u have no idea how they doin since then. strangely though they seem to know all ur latest news (should i blame facebook?). all that sort of conversations of urs last 5 mins maximum since both of u have nothing else to say. whenever u feel obliged to extend that chit chat it can only include stories from ur sharing past which was much better than the present of course ..all these memories etc. after five years or more in a row with all this stuck on repeat u get convinced that they are not human beings but spirits from ur childhood that  appear  when u return home just like the xmas carol only to put u in deep thoughts. it s not that u don t like seeing them it s just that u dont know them anymore and that u dont have the time to do this or even dont feel like doing it. it gets me a bit sad whenever i think about it but then again shit happens.

anyway i partied like hell during the whole easter vacation with all these imaginary creatures of mine and forgot completely anything relating to  my endless homework which leaves us with : studying now every night enlessly until 4 am and
b.the quite famous saying "why do today what u can do tomorrow" taking its place as my life's moto officially. still it worthed it or i m just being unreasonably romantic.

even if i m a lil late happy easter babezz : P


ps. "i always like to know everything about my new friends and nothing about my old ones" (oscar wilde)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


ouou babezz i watched dis amazing video and i really liked it so enjoy :) (omg this sounded soooo much like spam hahh anyway :P) of course i was already in luv with all sebastian tellier's songs so it came as no suprise xx

Saturday, March 27, 2010


hey there darlins

i know i ve been kind of absent lately but believe me this month has been really hard on me
so just when i reached the gimme-a-break level i decided to abandon ma beloved veria for the weekend and take off for the one and only non stop partyin athens since the fall 2010 fashion week had just began. well it 's no new york for sure :P but i supposed it could fulfill part of my endless need for a lil glamour and maybe give me the chance to get an access into the latest celebrity scoop :P. well guess what. though spending 14 hours in the train under the worst circumstances (blame it on the fact that i m broke as always ) hmm what can i week?sorry huns never actually got there. babezz took over and i preferred hangin out with friends over passion for fa fa fa fashion. however, a huge party crasher as i am i attended one or two a bit crappy events and managed to spot a tv celebrity (in high heels of course making me feel like a tiny hobbit next to her), covered in huge amounts of makeup drinking her champagne and looking fabulous. i gotta tell u though, that all this livin-in-n-out-of-a-big-fat-suitcase phase reminded me of a friend who used to tell me about the chemical brothers' star guitar music video directed by michel gondry. he insisted that gondry had come up with the idea about this video by smokin pot when travelling by trains. i might not have smoken pot in this endless 3 day journey of mine but ermm.. point taken.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


in order to beat this oh-crap-i-have-to-go-to-work syndrome i decided to post dis really uplifting song that i absofxxkinlutely adore lately. Breakbot- Baby i m urs. enjoy babezz xx


Thursday, March 11, 2010


hey everyone
it has been a really tough week for many reasons but no need to worry huns i m back for good :)

i bet every single babe of u has been there..the end of the month!it s not that u didnt spend ur money wisely it s just that u have like 50 euros to spend this last week and u found that gorgeous table lamp for only 47€ !so now that u re left with 3€(!!!!) there need some rules to be set in order for u to get through this easily! drinking permitted only if it s someone's Bday, no shopping -AT ALL-, and most importantly no ordering food; which leaves us with u testing ur own cooking skills.. etc   yeah okay i know all the latest fuzz about eating healthy and cooking weird food recipes with ur friends, while having fun, such as rosemary beef , artichokes au gratin, arugula and salomon salads blah blah.. now it s definately more than fine by me eating dem but i gotta confess babez; cooking them? not ma kinda thing for sure . actually i might blame it on the fact that i never actually craved that much for sth eatable, except maybe from junk and candy. besides not that few are my friends' gotta-tell stories involving me and kitchen such as the locally famous now chicken in the toaster..

so a couple of weeks ago after strivin hard to figure out which would be the less effort demanding recipe to cook, i chose omelette since mom had supplied me with eggs enough  to feed  a whole nation. however, as soon as i opened the fridge i faced a tiny lil problem. the eggs might be too many but they were separated in two identical untouched boxes.. to get more specific the ones were a month old whereas the others a week! i kept staring intensely at them for like three whole fxxkin minutes tryin desperately to remember which box was the last one that i had put in this "food cemetery"  but secretly waiting for some baby chicks to pop up their cute lil heads from the wrong one!nothing happened though. then a stroke of genius  hit me (no coms)  and decided to break one egg from each box in order to find out which ones were okay to use. after congratulating maself for this tremendously wise idea(..) and without second thoughts i grabbed a plate from the sink in order for me to avoid washing one more dish afterwards (what can i say! brainstorm)  and went on and broke two eggs. however, since it's me sth had to go wrong so due to an instant lack of memory after breaking the eggs (both of which seemed okay, with the one showing perhaps a bit more vivid than the other) i managed to forget which egg belonged to which box.. not disappointed at all, i went on breaking another two while the mixture for the omelette was frying in the pan. in the end i find myself  smashing reliefed in the pan my last two eggs. unfortunately though, i came to realise that they werent enough for the rest of the ingredients ,however, not with the slightest reluctance i took the plate i was using and threw two more eggs from there without managing to prevent  a lil of the whatever liquid to fall in the frying pan (i know grose)..anyway i finally made this omelette and by the time i m ready to eat the first bite of this -should i say- marvelous masterpiece i had created, my beloved neighbour knocks on ma door (knock knock knockin on heaven's door-actually equal).

now to tell u the truth the food was enough for at least four people, on the other hand; taking Lydia's health in great consideration  i decided to be rude and not invite her for dinner! then again i couldnt prevent her from eating a bite from my plate. however, what i hadnt predicted was her getting unbelievably excited about this omelette claiming it was the tastiest food ever while unable to stop eating ..
nothing happened to us thank gawd! still; point taken. i ll have to hire a chef cuz i need to stay away from the kitchen for good
kissez babez xx

p.s. sorry Lydia :P

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


sleep like a pillow..

Friday, February 26, 2010


well hello there babezz! today is ma favorite day Friday :) so i m wishin to ya all to have a great night no matter how u ll choose to spend it and i m postin my beloved one's new song; strangely different from the others still i reaaaaally really like it   Uffie- Illusion of Love(feat Mat Saffer -the rapture's keyboardist)
enjoy xx

p.s. ohoh!! i forgot to tell dat the song is produced by Mirwais :) c ya

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


dear babezz hi:)
last weekend i wanted to have a lil blast and since i cant go to ed banger's 7th anniversary event (arghh) i decided to leave my beloved veria and go party in an equally exotic town half an hour away. while strivin for some table dancin, smashin glasses etc i came to discover that on the decks was one of those -iliketocall- deja vu dj's playin every night in a different bar, in which you unfortunatelly happen to hang out, however, not bothering at all to make even the slightest change in his playlist, making u feelin like u ve been re-living the same night over and over again, no matter where u chose to spend it. wow, i guess i have to pay for him being extremely talkative, socialized and with the right friends in the right places.. however, no matter how weird this may sound i realised over the years that this may be, if not the only, definately one of the most importantly stupid reasons i ve been going out in the first place.. it s the awful dj playin nevermind music promising he ll totally like play the song u asked but never does,it s the disturbingly disturbed guy in white shirt and tank top underneath with zipper in the back(for the luv of god!!) askin ur political views in 3am while exhaling pure alcohol in ur face, the Huge girls in the small black dresses dancin like hell -literally-, the -somebody has definately put something- drinks, the super rude waitress who after takin ur order in a great rush like the whole universe is gonna explode in 5 secs ,lights up a cigarette and sips  her drink extremely slowly(!!) ,the cherry top super sweaty and stinky boy dancin next to u like there's gonna be no tomorrow (obviously i have some issues when it comes to nightlife:P) etc..they re the ones that make my night unique. they re next morning's funny stories blah blah Yeah okay i suppose everyone likes to go out and see only beautiful and fashionable people or dance to the perfect music but then again, a lil trash is always alright with me :P.. xx
[busy p]

p.s.1. i can see beauty where others see ugliness. that either makes me an artist, or a person of a very poor taste. unknown

p.s.2 a big thanx to pispirel for supportin this huge dancin-on-ma-own event!!oh and Happy Bday babe of course!!yeah

Saturday, February 20, 2010


"i like people better than principles, and i like people with no principles better than anythin else in the world" (Oscar Wilde)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i m in luv!yes thats right i admit it babezz i m in endless insane extra super passionate luv with ma mom's brownies( and despina's mom's brownies too but thats completely irrelevant!)well they say love goes through the stomach :P so today since the day has it (helloooo valentine's) my mom thought that me and brownies should celebrate our thing!however,i guess life wanted us ironically to grow apart cuz even though mother send a package full of brownies with the bus; when i went to the station to pick em up the bus driver not with the slightest sign of guilt in his tone simply informed me there were no packages for me at all- na na na killin me softly with his words(gettin da picture?)!!at first u know i was kinda mad; didnt know what to do..really heartbroken but then it crossed ma cute lil mind that com' on it s valentines; luv is in the air n stuff and maybe even though the kind lady at the station's storehouse was ready to give my brownies to the bus driver ;  it slipped off her mind completely as she kept flerting with the ticket guy..kindhearted as i am i hope their luv went further than the bus station since it "walked all over" mine!u know.. happy endings they still dont bore me :) and 0kay i cried today (yeah right) not cuz i missed brownies or even wanted em(who wants those extra 99999999999999 calories for gawds shake?) but cuz i realized i m gonna be all right without em at least this once!i mean wtf? it s pancake's day in 2 days!hope that u choose fedex over public transport mom xx

Saturday, February 13, 2010


hi my beloved ones:)
after surviving yesterday's endless partyin and while  tryin to get ready for tonight's to-be-continued  i ve got to tell ya babezz that i ve had enough with all this nonsense about hatin halloween based on shallow excuses such as "people in disguise give me creeps"  or "i get panic attacks with all these strangers behind masks" blah blah that could be "scream's" protagonist's lines..
to my claimed- to- be- utterly- pink mind it s just the latest trend named by me as holiday- haters  (xmas and Bday haters belong there too)!!besides i think that it s really nice that the world for a few days looks a lil bit more crazy than usual:) well at least thats the opinion of a full time so have fun mo matter what darlins
jelly bean flavored kissezz to ya all xx
(terence koh)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


hey everyone:)
yesterday; a friend of mine who might be serving the country as a soldier but never gives up on the social life even though he denies this happenin :P; sent me this video of lady gaga performing at the MOCA(museum of contemporary art in L.A.)for its 30th anniversary gala a song of hers called speechless. honestly that video left ME speechless cause ok i might be a huge trash luver -i adore britney for christs shake- and normally i should be proud that mainstream pop or whatever this is came to be thought as sth that avant garde but then again i kinda wondered is lady gaga  contemporary art?i mean 0k i definately consider her costumes designed by zaldi goco and olivier theyskens(or in this case by muccia prada) as pure art  plus the piano designed by damien hirst roger that(though in my itsy bitchy teeny weeny opinion he could have done a lil better); but her music?hmm.. are we witnessing a new michael jackson phenomenon meaning that in twenty years from now we ll like be dealin with this controversial lonely death of hers in a golden castle weirdly named as sex haus or sth with her enormous wealth to be left to her four snakes from.. russia?(well she really wanted to make an impression)
it 's such a pitty though now that i think about it that i quitted ma ten year piano lessons and ballet as well :P or its just me :) hahh
luv ya babezz xx

Sunday, February 7, 2010


konnichiwa babezz

sunday always gives me the vibes of misery as it somehow means endless homework which i had carefully been putting off all week while following quite faithfully the old saying why do today what you can do tomorrow?! so here i am denying many coffee invitations(0kay maybe not that many :P)however, still not feeling like writing this boring essay about eu and some urban planning stuff. it s a bit weird cause even though i hate coffee as a drink and a chat activity as well; due to the fact that i find totally pointless going somewhere else in order to sit down and hear endless crap or doing the usual girl talk; when u can stay and do the exactly same thing definately more comfortably at ur place; still when sunday comes i m willing to do anything so that i dont have to stay home alone with my homework :P it's always the day that i feel constantly hungry; takin me longer than usual to decide what to wear;miss my mom; miraculously feelin obliged  to clean the house; do the laundry etc Hmm well i guess thats life.. pff but then again who cares; u know what they say think PINK
have fun babezz xx
(sean higgins)

Monday, February 1, 2010


hey there ma beloved ones halloween is just a prayer away so i m postin some ideas for da perfect costumes:)

happy halloween babezz xx