Saturday, June 5, 2010


hi sweetiezz

i m not gonna waste ur time with apologies about my random posting since summer is here (well not today- it s raining :P) and i prefer cocktails and long walks over writing; but i bet u do the same :)

nevermind, yesterday after many weeks delaying it, i decided to go and pay the electricity..somehow i ve noticed that every time i make up my mind about paying a public service i keep having the same track of thoughts i.e. why do i have to give those money in order to pay for tv, light,water blah blah when they should be for free so that i could buy this bag i like so much at least for this week :P however yesterday gawd payed me off.yeah. while walking towards my living nightmare my eyes fell on sth that for a strange reason i had never spotted before! next to my destination there is  bar or sth like dat i have never entered no matter how much i want to, due to the fact that many are the stories "surrounding" the place all of them crazy enough to convince me to go in but somehow that might be me and only me! noone else -ever- from my group of friends showed even the slightest enthousiasm towards this should i say quite playfull idea of mine :P
to put ya in the mood  it s supposed to be an illegal casino and every night lots of cars are parked outside but i ve never seen anyone entering or exiting the place!! not one f*ckin single time! the best rumor that i heard lately was that when cops decide to go and check the place (as if they dont know..) security cameras spot them and the tables immediately change the whole scenery from playing cards to monopoly games!!hahh pardon me but everytime i set the pic in my head i find it extremely funny :P
anyway the place is called Hours so as i m walking by; for the first time after five years of endless hanging out in this super weird town  i take a good look at its sign.. which of course  might featured the word hours in huge pink shiny letters but after gettin a lil closer i finally got to see the backround which was salvador dali's painting "persistence of memory" of course.. besides, an illegal casino which when in danger turns its green tables into monopoly tournouas what else would it had for a sign apart from dali's surrealistic masterpiece? oh boy dis world never ceases suprising me!! kissez sugarz xx

ps. next time im soooo going in no matter what hun :P

ps1. yacht- psychic city


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