Thursday, May 20, 2010


hey there

a couple of weeks ago i attended one of those house parties with several djs or how i like to call em a super huge conspiracy since everyone claims it s gonna be awesome but in the end u feel like hearing the same song over and over again starting to wonder why do we need two people pushing some buttons only for us to hear one sound on repeat? then of course u take a look at the crowd watching everyone having the time of his life and u persuade urself that u re the only one whose funfunfun rate is falling downdowndown..

as my friend cyr keeps telling me, at those house- techno parties it seems as people are trying really hard to return to their former species moving- dancing like homo neadertals or sth. but we had a winner of course. the guy behind me  was definately quite ambitious and too damn self assured about his dancing skills so suddenly while i was sipping slowly my cocktail i felt a severe nudge in my back.. totally pissed off as i was (i had spotted him a few hours ago(!!) since he was dancing almost all over me all night long makin his presence more than obvious) i turn my head and watch him giving me a tryina-be-sexy-but-definately-wasted-look while dancing using only his hands but like soooo not in a funny way.. hahh 0k maybe it was a bit funny but not on purpose believe me.

i stand still looking at him trying to imagine what he would possibly think was going to happen..that i would  fall for him? decide that he is the sexiest dancing partner i could ever ask for? i mean ok i surely adore jim carrey dancing in ace ventura but dis has totally just taken the wrong turn. hmm well  i guess no more house parties for me. i know it may sound a lil bitchy but thats my opinion at least till i have too many cocktails :P at the same time it occured to me that i could change the name of this kind of music from house to "not in my house" (dont get offended hunniez :P)
cheerz babezz xx
mark the cobrasnake and heartsrevolution

ps. lately i had to deal with many break ups and meltdowns so i have to say dis: just listen to dis song babezz i swear to gawd  it absof*ckinlutely helps - tararirararouraaaa :P (ouou pispirel)

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