Saturday, March 27, 2010


hey there darlins

i know i ve been kind of absent lately but believe me this month has been really hard on me
so just when i reached the gimme-a-break level i decided to abandon ma beloved veria for the weekend and take off for the one and only non stop partyin athens since the fall 2010 fashion week had just began. well it 's no new york for sure :P but i supposed it could fulfill part of my endless need for a lil glamour and maybe give me the chance to get an access into the latest celebrity scoop :P. well guess what. though spending 14 hours in the train under the worst circumstances (blame it on the fact that i m broke as always ) hmm what can i week?sorry huns never actually got there. babezz took over and i preferred hangin out with friends over passion for fa fa fa fashion. however, a huge party crasher as i am i attended one or two a bit crappy events and managed to spot a tv celebrity (in high heels of course making me feel like a tiny hobbit next to her), covered in huge amounts of makeup drinking her champagne and looking fabulous. i gotta tell u though, that all this livin-in-n-out-of-a-big-fat-suitcase phase reminded me of a friend who used to tell me about the chemical brothers' star guitar music video directed by michel gondry. he insisted that gondry had come up with the idea about this video by smokin pot when travelling by trains. i might not have smoken pot in this endless 3 day journey of mine but ermm.. point taken.

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