Thursday, March 11, 2010


hey everyone
it has been a really tough week for many reasons but no need to worry huns i m back for good :)

i bet every single babe of u has been there..the end of the month!it s not that u didnt spend ur money wisely it s just that u have like 50 euros to spend this last week and u found that gorgeous table lamp for only 47€ !so now that u re left with 3€(!!!!) there need some rules to be set in order for u to get through this easily! drinking permitted only if it s someone's Bday, no shopping -AT ALL-, and most importantly no ordering food; which leaves us with u testing ur own cooking skills.. etc   yeah okay i know all the latest fuzz about eating healthy and cooking weird food recipes with ur friends, while having fun, such as rosemary beef , artichokes au gratin, arugula and salomon salads blah blah.. now it s definately more than fine by me eating dem but i gotta confess babez; cooking them? not ma kinda thing for sure . actually i might blame it on the fact that i never actually craved that much for sth eatable, except maybe from junk and candy. besides not that few are my friends' gotta-tell stories involving me and kitchen such as the locally famous now chicken in the toaster..

so a couple of weeks ago after strivin hard to figure out which would be the less effort demanding recipe to cook, i chose omelette since mom had supplied me with eggs enough  to feed  a whole nation. however, as soon as i opened the fridge i faced a tiny lil problem. the eggs might be too many but they were separated in two identical untouched boxes.. to get more specific the ones were a month old whereas the others a week! i kept staring intensely at them for like three whole fxxkin minutes tryin desperately to remember which box was the last one that i had put in this "food cemetery"  but secretly waiting for some baby chicks to pop up their cute lil heads from the wrong one!nothing happened though. then a stroke of genius  hit me (no coms)  and decided to break one egg from each box in order to find out which ones were okay to use. after congratulating maself for this tremendously wise idea(..) and without second thoughts i grabbed a plate from the sink in order for me to avoid washing one more dish afterwards (what can i say! brainstorm)  and went on and broke two eggs. however, since it's me sth had to go wrong so due to an instant lack of memory after breaking the eggs (both of which seemed okay, with the one showing perhaps a bit more vivid than the other) i managed to forget which egg belonged to which box.. not disappointed at all, i went on breaking another two while the mixture for the omelette was frying in the pan. in the end i find myself  smashing reliefed in the pan my last two eggs. unfortunately though, i came to realise that they werent enough for the rest of the ingredients ,however, not with the slightest reluctance i took the plate i was using and threw two more eggs from there without managing to prevent  a lil of the whatever liquid to fall in the frying pan (i know grose)..anyway i finally made this omelette and by the time i m ready to eat the first bite of this -should i say- marvelous masterpiece i had created, my beloved neighbour knocks on ma door (knock knock knockin on heaven's door-actually equal).

now to tell u the truth the food was enough for at least four people, on the other hand; taking Lydia's health in great consideration  i decided to be rude and not invite her for dinner! then again i couldnt prevent her from eating a bite from my plate. however, what i hadnt predicted was her getting unbelievably excited about this omelette claiming it was the tastiest food ever while unable to stop eating ..
nothing happened to us thank gawd! still; point taken. i ll have to hire a chef cuz i need to stay away from the kitchen for good
kissez babez xx

p.s. sorry Lydia :P

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  1. mixture for a heavenly tasty omelette:
    eggs nearly a month old mixed in a unwashed plate from the sink (REALLY?????)

    p.s. kisses chef babe!