Saturday, July 10, 2010


hey there sunshines

it s good to be finally back after my never ending - super boring exams and my tiny lil vacation :P. now about that vacation.. my university owns a camp, for which i used to hear a lot all these five years i ve been studying here. however, as u may have well imagined i m not dat much of a nature luver nor a camp addict
(supportin da livin large and diamonds are forevah lifestyle :P), so i discreetly avoided it.
this summer though, after ending my exams when it came to holidays,  i felt like i seriously needed to team up with my classmates since it was our last year togethah . hell yeah, i overcame that i d have to sleep on the ground and absolutely followed katy perry's fashion advice for dis summer -daisy dukes bikinis on top though my friends being kind enough to buy me a camp mattress, one bottle of champagne and let me bring two quite heavy suitcases wit me was as an act quite helpful as well :P. now i could write about how many beaches i went or how cool it was but it would just be too bobobooooring.
yes i had camped before if thats what u re thinking bitches :P but that was like in first grade of highschool in a phase of my life that i didnt care that much about anything as long as i got to swim and hang out with my bffs aaaaaall day long! well i guess now things changed a bit; for good or for bad i couldnt possibly tell ya, but suddenly stuff that didnt matter before just started to do so. to put you in da picture i didnt manage to ignore the incredibly dissonantly singing group in the tent next to mine who didnt mind showing off their talent with every oportunity given, nor the guy who thought that the most essential object to bring with him would be of course a tambourine and some cds with tsiftetelia (aka greek trash dancing music- i gotta confess though with really funny dancing moves)  in order to practice endlessly with audience , or even the music  from the beach bar which 0k i like going to clubs and dance till dawn to trashy sounds, but i hadnt planned sleeping in there and honestly i ve tried it once and it didnt work that well.
moreover after three or four days even overcrowded didnt seem to be the right word to describe how many tents were set up. what it reminded me a lot of,  was camps after erthquakes i had seen on tv , only with a bit more alcohol and drugs for sure. at times everything seemed rediculously funny, espessially at midday when u went to the dining room and everyone was wasted and unable to communicate.
few days later -cant even remember if it was day or night actually- while sipping some cocktails at the beach bar, listening for like 300th time lady gaga's alejandro and observing drunk as i was the i-came-here-cuz-im-cool-and-i-camp-no-matter-wha  crowd all around me,  trying to find where did i actually fit, it totally hit me. i was a huge random as well and i couldnt really fit there anymore (hmm i was reading "the unbearable lightness of being" at that time- should i blame kundera?). those -u know babezz- were too dark thoughts for me :) so next day i packed. and i bought a teen vogue. of course the fact that we didnt have water for two days -in a row- might have slightly led me to this wise decision as well. therefore, if u re searchin for a camp partner.. "no no no it aint me babe no no no.."

terry richardson for pirelli calendar 2010

ps. now that i think about it lindsay lohan would be really grateful to me if i send her there instead of prison!! go go go lindsay!!

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