Thursday, April 22, 2010


well hello there ma lil luvz

i may have not been around for almost a month but dis doesnt mean that i didnt miss u :) hmm it s just that  i m acting so me-in-highschool lately which led me to this point. though there was a super nicely programmed schedule made by me for me again studying this easter vacation for university (lovely..) i guess it just didnt work out that well. the minute that i set foot in my hometown i was back in 2005 all over again! besides there are all these easter ghosts that get me confused every single time! now the easter ghosts are the same as the xmas ghosts. u get to see them only on national holidays in crowded bars at the town u grew up, and they tend to ask u the same questions like "when did u came, when are u leaving, oh u havent changed at all have u?" blah blah not necessarily waiting for an answer.. u used to be classmates never close friends so u have no idea how they doin since then. strangely though they seem to know all ur latest news (should i blame facebook?). all that sort of conversations of urs last 5 mins maximum since both of u have nothing else to say. whenever u feel obliged to extend that chit chat it can only include stories from ur sharing past which was much better than the present of course ..all these memories etc. after five years or more in a row with all this stuck on repeat u get convinced that they are not human beings but spirits from ur childhood that  appear  when u return home just like the xmas carol only to put u in deep thoughts. it s not that u don t like seeing them it s just that u dont know them anymore and that u dont have the time to do this or even dont feel like doing it. it gets me a bit sad whenever i think about it but then again shit happens.

anyway i partied like hell during the whole easter vacation with all these imaginary creatures of mine and forgot completely anything relating to  my endless homework which leaves us with : studying now every night enlessly until 4 am and
b.the quite famous saying "why do today what u can do tomorrow" taking its place as my life's moto officially. still it worthed it or i m just being unreasonably romantic.

even if i m a lil late happy easter babezz : P


ps. "i always like to know everything about my new friends and nothing about my old ones" (oscar wilde)

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