Wednesday, February 24, 2010


dear babezz hi:)
last weekend i wanted to have a lil blast and since i cant go to ed banger's 7th anniversary event (arghh) i decided to leave my beloved veria and go party in an equally exotic town half an hour away. while strivin for some table dancin, smashin glasses etc i came to discover that on the decks was one of those -iliketocall- deja vu dj's playin every night in a different bar, in which you unfortunatelly happen to hang out, however, not bothering at all to make even the slightest change in his playlist, making u feelin like u ve been re-living the same night over and over again, no matter where u chose to spend it. wow, i guess i have to pay for him being extremely talkative, socialized and with the right friends in the right places.. however, no matter how weird this may sound i realised over the years that this may be, if not the only, definately one of the most importantly stupid reasons i ve been going out in the first place.. it s the awful dj playin nevermind music promising he ll totally like play the song u asked but never does,it s the disturbingly disturbed guy in white shirt and tank top underneath with zipper in the back(for the luv of god!!) askin ur political views in 3am while exhaling pure alcohol in ur face, the Huge girls in the small black dresses dancin like hell -literally-, the -somebody has definately put something- drinks, the super rude waitress who after takin ur order in a great rush like the whole universe is gonna explode in 5 secs ,lights up a cigarette and sips  her drink extremely slowly(!!) ,the cherry top super sweaty and stinky boy dancin next to u like there's gonna be no tomorrow (obviously i have some issues when it comes to nightlife:P) etc..they re the ones that make my night unique. they re next morning's funny stories blah blah Yeah okay i suppose everyone likes to go out and see only beautiful and fashionable people or dance to the perfect music but then again, a lil trash is always alright with me :P.. xx
[busy p]

p.s.1. i can see beauty where others see ugliness. that either makes me an artist, or a person of a very poor taste. unknown

p.s.2 a big thanx to pispirel for supportin this huge dancin-on-ma-own event!!oh and Happy Bday babe of course!!yeah

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