Sunday, October 9, 2011



wow that was a busy summer but no worries hunz i ll let u catch up. while i was trying to finish writtin my endless thesis, i kept sneakin on La girlz tumblrz aging from 14 to 17 cravin for some pink, partyin, glamour, surf, blonde etc and thinkin that considering the fact that i m turning 24 this December, this cant be good AT ALL. still i like it reaaaaaaally much, so whatev is that childish- glamourish- almostporno- facebookish thing u girlz are doin, just keep on doin it. it s even better than jersey shore series.SERIOUSLY.
moreover i attended a graduation party and not a barchelor one been held at the most decadence strip club of veria with stripperz owning impressive fake names and boobs of course. anyway , i also went to this three day punk - antiracist fest which was obviously a theme party, since everyone was dressed and acted as if we were in 2002. the music sucked big time (no words can describe greek punk). but just so u know it was sth like system of a down meets lady gaga. I KNOW.
and now the big news. me and writting about reusing industrial heritage are finally over (yaayy). so while waiting patiently for my graduation day i m startin to witness real life takin over and i dont think i like it dat much. you see i m no longer a student in urban planning, therefore bubye endlessly funny friends, supertrashy bars and surreal ppl in Veria, hello big city life or should i say The Hills in the third world (aka Athens). however, i am no drama luver  -mtv reality shows dont count- so it wont be long till i provide you with my new trashy as always experiences :P. kissez babezz

ghost world

ps. credits to apo for the song :)

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