Monday, October 26, 2009

finally got ILL

hey again babezz!!
it s lil ufo of course :P finally back from the ultimatelly exotic city of V(k)olos [this one was for u teo]; and from another super unique Time To Get Ill ( colourfull ultra fabulous Partaaayy!!
For the ones who missed it; ur beloved cute lil babe couldn't leave you like this; so here's a lil sth to get the feeling; although i wouldn't like you to become slightly green with envy- (no matter how much in fashion this is; according to Michael Kors of course) :P So c u at the next party!until then..think pink darlings ouou!! xx

ps. more pics are yet to come so stay tuned :P
ps1. if u waNNA catch some sort of illness :P Time To Get Ill : ,

1 comment:

  1. babe mou!

    imaste ke blogofriends tora???

    mou lipses!