Sunday, October 4, 2009

GI Yoooo

Hey there Babezz!!Me again!!
went to the movies yesterday with ma friends Toolie and Joe.. Now if the movies you prefer watchin tend to have a certain style; like -usa loves us/ has the best army blah blah.. bad guys sufferin; while your eyes and brain Bleeding from the dont-even-dare-to-number special effects; shiny chests and boobs flyin all ovah the screen; submarines-spaceships-airplanes all in one crashing everywhere and in the end the good guy always gets the girl etc (pardon me for being overdramatic i just cant help it :P); then GI Joe is the movie you definately need to watch!!If u havent already:P Well; at this point i should probably mention that Joseph Gordon Levitt is quite a pleasant suprise as Doctor Cobra; but Sienna Miller really needed a nicer pair of sunglasses..I mean the person who designed them; totally took the whole matrix 90's style to the next level in an obviously wrong way..On the other side; maybe it was just the costumier that hated her! Anywayz, speakin of science fiction movies there's still a lil sth i 'ld like to add. And that sth is soooo dedicated to my dearest friend Cyr! Mad Max rulez!! take care darlings xx

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