Thursday, November 26, 2009

crap attack

hello darlings!!

how u doin? u might wanna call me shallow but honestly i just dont care and will go on and post my obsession- song for this week which is ke$ha's new single tick-tock even though it reminds me very much -in a sneaky way- of my beloved uffie :P

Well; i know i ve been absent for a couple of weeks; but this was just because i ve been too busy living my life(!!) and strolling the streets only to get back to ya with the good scoop! While wandering around; i happened to stumble upon an art exhibition here; in the exotic city of veria! Now I wont reveal the name of the master creator of this blissfull event; though i know i m gonna leave you half empty :P however; i promise not to withhold even the slightest detail. My first impression was that there he was..the biggest failed fan of Bob Ross! I mean obviously the artist spent his entire life watching "quality" television and tryin -in vain as i found out- to actually paint those mountains; trees and lil bushes of course; by the river; with the maximum time spent for every creation probably ranging from 5 to 7 mins. Oh! and did i mention that his name was the first and maybe the only thing you could notice on these canvases? It kind of reminded me my drawings when i was like first grade (!!) and not in a good way. Still; there were plenty of victims facing midlife crisis (a.k.a. clients) who "came to buy some art" in order to have a tree in a frame making their living room looking more classy; which makes me wonder: should i paint some crap myself too; then sell it and finally buy the new masterpiece by fendi (yes i m refering to "peek a boo" which is definately a piece of art)? until then..have fun babezz xx

the greatest hit according to the artist

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