Friday, December 18, 2009

jennifer's Boobs

ouou babezz! me again! wondering why u re not naked :P
as u may have well pictured i m the ultimate summer fan so this time of the year though it may includes my Bday and xmas of course (!!) wouldn't be described as one of my favOnes since u cant go out that much (especially if u happen to live in the truly antartic city of veria like me where below zero temperatures accompanied by endless rain is a really common phenomenon..) Moreover; spending time home watching gracefully from my window the rain "pouring down some misery on me" isnt really my kind of thing. However; i have to admit; that i ve always managed in some way to adjust very quickly and quite successfully in every sort of situation coming up- so yesterday given the opportunity since the streets of my town could be refered to as rivers; i stayed home and decided to download a movie for which i ve heard so much about during the past month; entitled as Jeniffer's Body.

 now, to tell u the truth, what i was hoping for definately wasn't Fran├žois Truffaut- but the same all time classic teen story where the baseball captain breaks up with the evil (!!) top cheerleader; falls for the super duper undescribingly ugly class geek; true love wins; everyone is happy; u set a tear with them almost breakin up due to their bad luck of course; but in the end u'll find ur self filled with the usual ultra sweet feeling like u had tones of coconut flavoured chocolate; while wondering  why sth like that never happened to you! instead of all this, however, what i actually did get was a stupid wannabe -dont even dare to call Bmovie- about an angry female demon eating boys alive , falling for its Looooser bff (yeah boys.. they kiss) and acting unreasonably jeallous aaaall the time. actual plot; nowhere to be found. megan fox obviously tryin not to prove the movie title wrong; with her having us for no particular reason witnessing plenty of times that she indeed owns the hottest body in the whole universe..yeah. roger that. enjoy adam brondy once more as himself.. and amanda seyfield as the ugly totally naive victim.. i mean not tryin to be cynical or anything but, not only zac  efron didnt make a cameo appearance shirtless at least; but in addition to that all the male characters in the movie die -i guess for their bad acting . gotta tell ya THAT was the worst nightmare before xmas.

peace. xx


  1. that you in the photo??i didn't know that you were cheerleading!!!

  2. the movie ''jeniffers body'' sucks big time :P