Monday, January 25, 2010


 me again.
since i m isolated at my place for the last couple of days due to severe snowfall as i posted earlier yet not willing at all to study for my really not needed awful exams; ty gawd for sending me this i-download-any-film-available-freak friend who supplied me with the perfect- need-to-watch movie material. so i have to say that i got really excited with this "Gummo" movie (even though a lil late ->1997 date of release) a documentary-style drama picturing the miserable lives of the residents of a tornado-stricken Ohio town .  chloe sevigny doing the costume design apart from acting was quite a pleasant suprise. anyway to be honest what really got my attention was the song at the openin.  totally reminded me  of my inner never ending sillyness so i knew i had to share it with you babezz  :). enjoy..

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